No matter what state your books are in, how far behind you are or
what system you use...

Don’t worry… we have seen it all before!

Location is not an issue we work with clients all over the UK

At normans - What we do is far more important than the software we use.. we may change the software, but we will always provide an exceptional and professional service.

Knowing how to utilise the benefits that the right software can provide and how that helps us give you better control of your finances is something that we pride ourselves on. Saving you time while ensuring we get the vital information to you so we can do what we love, sorting out the numbers, turning them into knowledge.

  • You might need to spend your time and skills elsewhere in your business
  • You might be struggling with the actual tasks and organisation of your finances
  • You might need to save on staff costs
  • You might need the expertise of fully trained and experienced accountants staff but don’t require full time or even part time hours (for many small businesses your accounts can be done by a qualified and experienced individuals in just a few hours a week)
  • You might just want more free time to spend with family or friends
  • You might want to fully understand your businesses financial health and need someone to convert those numbers into knowledge!

What we do – is essentially all the admin and paperwork that you need to keep on top of, to run your business effectively

Whatever your reason for exploring the option to outsource your bookkeeping here is a full list of exactly what we can do for you.

  • Purchase ledger – we take all your receipts and file them electronically (removing the need to keep receipts etc and paper files) we code them and assign them to agreed budget codes to ensure you can see where your money is spent
  • Sales ledger – we file all your invoices, again electronically, and
  • Credit control – we contact your suppliers and customers on your behalf and agree beneficial terms to keep your cashflow at a suitable level.
  • Bank reconciliation – a monthly check is completed to ensure what your records state matches the actual cash in your accounts, this can include meticulous exploration and a full explanation when there are discrepancies or differences.
  • VAT – we complete all your accounts in a timely manner and get your VAT returns in nice and early to avoid any fines. You will know ahead of the bill what your expected VAT charges will be from our monthly tallies and reporting.
  • Monthly accounts – every aspect of your accounts are kept up to date, with all the information put into your monthly management accounts report.

And remember our staff are not only experienced and expert in these tasks, they also enjoy doing them!

So your work is completed quickly, accurately and effectively and when we are representing your company in communications our staff are professional courteous, knowledgeable and fair.

We pride ourselves in our customer service skills and approach.


Payment run for suppliers,
Credit control with your customers,
VAT returns filed and paid in a timely manner

Most importantly: -

  • Monthly management accounts report – a bespoke report that can focus on areas you select, but that will also highlight areas of your accounts you need to consider. Includes charts and graphs for those who prefer visual representation along with a detailed narrative written in plain English, not financial terms and expressions. For smaller companies this report gives you the knowledge to make sound decisions on the growth and running of your business. For companies with a board of directors, partners or a group of managers in various departments this will help you communicate the companies’ financial health to those individuals.
  • Liaison with your year-end accountants to ensure that all your accounts are presented in a format that makes your year-end accounts and tax returns an easier job, saving you costs in that area along with the reassurance that your accounts are in order and there is no risk of being charged for compliance work with your year-end accountant.

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