Accurate and easy management of your receipts for our customers.
Saving you time, money, worry and stress.

Eliminating potential human error and inaccurate information.

the old way

Piles of receipts and invoices build up over the last month or months for you to sort through and get to us, or type into a spreadsheet and send to us.

While we love to sort out all the numbers, and nothing is too much of problem for our skilled and dedicated team, we can enter all receipts.

the normans way

  • Take 10 minutes to send photos or documents using the app.
  • No duplication or lost info as all data is saved securely to the cloud.
  • Its all part of our service and ethos in using useful technology that helps our clients perform better and save you time and money.

“Dext saves me so much time and hassle.”

“What a great tool, thanks for providing it”

“No more lost receipts”

“Why oh why didn’t I use you before”

See our cloud booking services page for more details on Dext and other applications that are proven to work for our customers.

request a call back

Another way in which we add value for our clients, saving you time, money, worry and stress. Accurate and easy management of your receipts wherever you are.

Please feel free to call, fill in the form, email. However, you contact us; we are always pleased to help with clever ways of making life easier for you.

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