Remote working: how to get your business ready

In a crisis, the ability for your staff to work remotely could, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

But how do you set up your team to become remote workers? And what are the key considerations to think about when working remotely in the cloud?

Key considerations of remote working

61% of global companies currently have some sort of remote working policy for their staff, according to a 2019 survey. But for remote working to be effective, your business needs to put some serious thought into the infrastructure, security and culture around home-working.

  • Use the right cloud-based software tools and IT hardware.   To make remote working effective, ensure you have the right hardware and software to keep your team connected and working productively. So, laptops, tablets and a speedy internet connection are vital.
  • Be highly conscious of online security.  You’re likely to have sensitive customer and business data on your network, so it’s absolutely critical to use a secure connection. This may mean using a VPN (virtual private network) and two-step encryption.
  • Track your time and manage workflow online. When your team is remote you can’t keep track of their workflow in person. Instead, use time-tracking tools and online workflow management systems to monitor time spent and the progress of projects.
  • Ensure there’s real-time communication and messaging.  A key element that remote workers miss is face-to-face interaction with their colleagues. So, it’s important to have video and online messaging tools to promote good communication within the team.
  • Give clear guidance and retraining for staff. The motivation levels needed to stay efficient as a remote worker are very different to those of traditional office-based staff. Training is needed to help your people acclimatise and get used to self-managing their workload.

Covid – 19 Update

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Following a series of calls and emails received from concerned customers regarding Covid -19, we want to outline our strategy in response to the virus.

Continuation of Service:

Whilst we have to react to the situation as it unfolds, as a cloud-based business, Normans is well placed to continue to deliver our services with minimal disruption. We have already introduced home working inline with the government request to minimise social contact. At present all our staff are unaffected by the virus and working on your accounts as usual.  Our office landline number is being managed so at present there is absolutely no difficulty in contacting us.

We will keep you updated over the coming weeks if things change.

Customer Support:

The Government have announced a number of measures to support businesses through this situation. These include:

  • For businesses with fewer than 250 employees.  The cost of providing 14 days of statutory sick pay per employee will be refunded by the government in full.


  • A dedicated helpline has been set up to help businesses and self-employed individuals in financial distress, and with outstanding tax liabilities to receive support with their tax affairs. Through this, businesses may be able to agree a bespoke Time to Pay arrangement


  • Introduced a new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, delivered by the British Business Bank. This will enable businesses with a turnover of no more than £41 million to apply for a loan of up to £1.2 million. The government will cover up to 80% of any losses with no fees.

If you need help or support with any of the points above then please feel free to call us on 01922 456 105. Our Managing Director Rob Burnell will help you wherever possible.

National Minimum Wage Increase

In April legislation comes in to increase the National Living Wage (NMW).

Here is a breakdown of the new salary rates that apply from April 2020 onwards.

  • The National Living Wage for ages 25 and above – up 6.2% to £8.72
  • The National Minimum Wage for 21 to 24-year-olds – up 6.5% to £8.20
  • 18 to 20-year-olds – up 4.9% to £6.45
  • Under-18s – up 4.6% to £4.55
  • Apprentices – up 6.4% to £4.15

If Normans Bookkeeping and Payroll Ltd process your payrolls, do not worry, we will make any salary amendments necessary.